Shipping and payment

Free delivery in cities :

MCR.Belaya dacha, d. Vereya, Verkhnee Myachkovo, Dzerzhinsky, Egorovo, Zhulebino, Zaozer'ye, Kotelniki, Kraskovo, Kozhuhovo, Korenevo, Kulakov, mkr. Krasnaya gorka, Lyubertsy, Lytkarino, Mirny, Malakhovka, MEZ, Mashkovo, Mikhnevo, Marusino, Nekrasovka, Oktyabrsky, Ostrovtsy, Spartak, Seltso, Tomilino, Tokarevo, Chulkovo, Chkalovo.


Cash-to the courier upon receipt of the order.

Cashless payment - to the account of the organization.

Fee for lift without lift:

If there is no Elevator in the building, and delivery to the door is required , the rise is paid at the rate of +20 rubles/booth. per floor from the first floor.